There is only one Art Deco. Originally known as Art Moderne and deriving from the 1925 Exhibition International des Arts in Paris, this period affected architecture, furniture, and fashion like no other era did before or after. Art Deco was born out of the revolt of the whimsical, fanciful curves of its predecessor, Art Nouveau. It was the only era to see furniture as “interior architecture”. Americans wanted a simpler, more classic form of art and architecture. This, along with the impressions of early Roman, Italian and Greek influences solidified Art Deco not just a movement, but a bonafide historical period of time. It’s span stretched from the Roaring 20’s and the Great Depression of the 30’s, until 1940.

Existing treasures from this era include the Rockefeller Center and the Chrysler Building, both in New York City, as well as the Park Central Hotel and the Greystone in Miami, Florida. (Ocean Drive in Miami’s fashionable South Beach is considered to be the Art Deco capital of the World with an entire district dedicated to its cause.)

What was it about this period that makes its timeless style continuously emulated? Whatever the reason, today more than ever before, historical designers have felt a rebirth of Art Deco. Historic interior specialists are noticing a definite upswing in the market for this type of design. It’s clean classic lines, vibrant colors, and gracious forms are showing up in furniture, art, and fashion and surprisingly shows no signs of slowing.

One of those historical interior design firms is Circa Century Interiors in Atlanta, Georgia. Circa Century specializes in the historic recreation and renovation of Victorian, Art Nouveau and Art Deco interiors.

Circa Century Interiors creates designs for homes, hotels, bed and breakfasts, and any other space interested in the true authenticity of the Art Deco era. Shaynee Holmes, Allied ASID, VSA, ADS is the firm’s senior designer and owner. She credits an extensive knowledge of historical interiors, fabrics, furnishings, and color to accurately re-creating these masterpieces. The firm travels worldwide for the cause of preserving or re-creating these architectural works of wonder.