The armoire has been rediscovered and re-invented. Today we find the armoire in every room in the house. In the family room or bedroom it conseals the television and stereo. In the bath, it serves as a linen closet and in the kitchen, of course, a pantry.

But there was a time when the armoire was “the” clothing storage unit. All cultures have their version of “The Armoire”. From Mexico to the Orient, the Armoire has its place. The styles can be casual or ornate. You’ll find all types of woods, inlaids, carvings, and painted techniques.

This pine armoire from Northern Europe, collapses to eight pieces, making it easier to transport through tight doorways, up narrow stairs etc. It was crafted with tongue and groove joints and the heavy cornise holds it together with no tools needed. Amazing!!

In France “The Armoire” was the pride of every provincial housewife and a sign of her prosperity. Many of the antique armoires you can find today, as well as the reproductions, are French Provincial. In the United States there were many beautiful armoires from the South or maybe you would prefer a simpler shaker style closet.

This federal period armoire features sliding trays on which folded clothing was stored.

Today you can find many reproductions. Some are made of old wood, to give a genuine antique look. They are usually already outfitted for your media center. If a reproduction is what you want, find one with good craftsmenship. Think of it as a future heirloom.