Anyone who’s ever lived in a New York City Studio apartment can say they’ve lived in a tiny house. I was one of them and I can tell you it’s doable. But once you’ve lived in a larger space it is really hard to downsize. But people are doing it. Why? Some people taking part of the tiny house movement are mortgage free and living off the grid with few bills to pay. If they have a tiny house on wheels, they pack up the house and take it on the road.

I’m amazed at how nice some of these tiny houses are. Beautifully designed, compact tiny houses that take your breath away. I love watching the TV show called Tiny House Nation. It’s addicting. The tiny house ideas they come up with are ingenious, murphy beds, wine barrels for tubs, kitchen islands that house the family dog and the best storage ideas ever. I know from experience when you live in a small space you need smart storage.

How to build a tiny house

If you’re adventurous you can build your own tiny house. Tiny house plans can be found online for free or you can purchase plans. One of the best houses I’ve seen is at You can purchase plans and a step-by-step DVD series to build the tiny house. Watch the video and let me know if you agree, it’s a great house.

So I’m thinking after watching this video that I need to go minimal. It probably wont ever happen, but I love the idea of it. In this busy world we all live in we all have too much stress and too much stuff. We CAN take a lesson from tiny house living without going tiny. But I would consider it for a vacation home, absolutely.