Ikat fabrics have been around for centuries but is a current big trend in textiles for the home. Ikat is a near universal weaving style common to many world cultures. You can find Ikat textiles from Mexico, South & Central America, Thailand, India, Japan, Philippines, and Bali. Ikat floral patterns are traditionally used in Europe on Mallorca, Spain.

There are a large variety of patterns ranging from subtle to very bold. I’m drawn to the more bold, colorful fabrics. These chairs were given new life with this bold Madeline Weinrib Ikat fabric.
Ikat fabrics for the home

The trend is so big I’ve seen designers mimic the look with paint on the walls. When done in a subtle pattern it look stunning.

There are outdoor Ikat fabrics as well. Add some Ikat pillows to your outdoor furnishings and you will get a more finished looking outdoor “room” with a tropical feel.
Outdoor ikat fabric