It’s almost impossible to decorate your home for the holidays without spending tons of money. On almost any given day we find ourselves grabbing an extra ornament, buying a new wreath or spending enough on a menorah to feed the family for a week. As the penny pinching mother of two girls I know how tricky living on a budget can be (especially during the season of treats, toys and tinsel), but you can find small ways to live large… without spending large.

* Make Your Own: It might sound cliche, but making your own ornaments and wreaths is one of the best ways to decorate your home without going over budget. But if you aren’t a crafty person, help your home look festive by adding small amounts of baby’s breathe flowers, candy canes or pine cones wear needed. Try spray painting pine cones in beautiful colors (a fun activity for the kids) and filling small baskets or bowls to create a simplistic center piece.

* It’s Ornamental: Consider buying a large container of cheap, basic ornaments (the simple, shiny kind in a universal color) and dotting them throughout your house. Fill up an empty candle holder, arrange them around a centerpiece or vase, or add them in a bunches on top of cabinets or windowsills with candles throughout…voila!

* Get Wrapping: If all else fails, use an affordable holiday ribbon to wrap the staircase banister, dining room chairs or small throw pillows (as if you’re tying a holiday bow on a present). And remember to turn of your Christmas tree or seasonal lights during the day to save electricity (you’ll thank yourself later!)

Bailey Vincent Clark is the founder of Makeover Momma.com: helping busy, budgeted women feel fit, fashionable and fabulous after kids. In addition to hosting Makeover Momma TV weekly and working as the “New Mom” voice for Walmart.com, she is a full time mother of two girls in small town Virginia.

© Photo Courtesy of Etsy.com