Sofa Beds are very handy pieces of furniture, and they will certainly go a long way in giving your guests a memorable and comfortable night. If you had guests for a slumber, and it turned out that you were out of beds then sofa beds would be the answer. A Sofa bed looks just like any other sofa, but it can be easily converted into a bed.

This article will give you a guide to choosing the right sofa beds, and below are some tips to help you buy.

Look at your living room area and ensure that your bed will not take up the entire room. This you can do by measuring the dimensions in your living room and comparing then against the sofa bed. It should not scrap your walls, but leave enough room for strolling.

Consider the comfort it offers. This you can do by sitting and lying on it for about five minutes. Doing this will help you determine the quality and comfort that your potential acquisition can offer. A good sofa should be able to support your back and at the same time be of superior quality. Squeeze the cushions and ensure they are not too tough or gentle.

Scrutinize the material used on the sofa and cushions. A good sofa bed should have layers of padding to offer maximum comfort and not have metal or wood protruding through the edges. Some beds are made of thin layer cushions, and these may not be the ideal ones to choose from lest you want to wake up with a backache. Ask your store if they do allow you to change cushions and replace them with ones that suit you.

Durability is another factor to consider. Although you cannot determine this, but it may be beneficial to ask the store how long, your bed is likely to last. A genuine store will always be open with you and give you advice on how to increase its lifespan. Do your homework and check out how firmly tight the frame and bolts are so as to avoid any accidents.

Consider the colour and how it will match with your walls and home décor. It is not just about the colour matching with your living room walls, but also with other accessories in the home. This is important, as it will ensure that your latest piece of furniture does not distort your household setup. If you are undecided on the colour, you could always take photos of your living room and let your chosen furniture store help you decide, you can also check design online on furniture stores like Bedroom World.

Consider how genuine and legitimate your furniture store is. The last thing you want is to order something that will last you a few months before it starts falling apart. Different stores offer different quality products. Whilst most may sell genuine furniture, others may not and for this, it will be up to you to carry out a thorough research. Ask friends on a prospective furniture store and read reviews, these will help you choose effectively.

Don’t be persuaded into buying something before you’re ready and absolutely sure about it, but take time to shop around and ensure that you get what your money is worth.