If you’re good with computers and have a photo editing application then creating art for your home is something you can do yourself. But if not their are services that will do this for you.

art for your homeI created this as a gift for the mother of my Goddaughter. I take a lot of pictures of her and the camera loves her. So I started with the cute photo of her looking up at me.
art for your homeI cropped the photo tight and used only her head and removed the background so it would be less busy and kept the background transparent.
art for your homeNext I copied that layer of her head so that I had two copies of it. The top copy I applied a filter that took out a lot of pixels and made is look posterized. Kind of like something from the 60’s. But then I overlayed it over the other layer to put back in some of the information posterization removed. This is the tricky part. You need to play with it depending on the photo. I then added a shadow around her head and picked a bright color for the background.
art for your homeNext I changed the color of her dress. I found a color that complemented the background color. I also added a black border around her head.
art for your homeRepeat all these steps to make for unique versions and then put them all together in one photo. The result is your very own Warhol creation of someone you love. You can print this yourself on your inkjet printer or order a canvas online.

Imagekind will create a canvas print or you can purchase a framed print of your finished piece. Click here.