painting walls blackIf you want to make a dramatic change and add sophistication to any room then paint one or two walls black. SHS Roofing explains that dark walls make your room look larger. It’s best if it’s the wall opposite your sofa in the living room or bed if it’s the bedroom. Make it the wall you will see the most and make it visually interesting by adding a great abstract painting or a grouping of smaller paintings. Artwork really pops against black.

Carry the black to other parts of the room with your accessories: Candle sticks, pillows, lamps or a large mirror with a black frame. Found a brass chandelier at a flea market? Spray paint black and give it new life.

I recently visited Inspired Interiors in Fort Lauderdale and they have a black wall that looks spectacular. They specialize in painted furniture and the black walls set off the furniture beautifully. The artwork in this photo is the beautiful work of Gisele Haselbarth.