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  • Jan 13th, 2010

    Create a Tile Mosaic for a great accent in your kitchen

    mosaic1My husband and I live in a condo so our kitchen is small. We decided to remodel the kitchen and make the layout better suited to cooking. We actually cook. Unfortunately behind the pantry cabinet we found a support beam. An ugly support beam, what are we to do. The kitchen designer at Home Depot thought we should put a fake cabinet door there. That would have fooled no one. I asked him to show me what it looked like without the fake door and there it was, a huge white support beam. But what I saw was an opportunity to have a Mosaic feature that will make my kitchen unique.

    I bought tumbled marble tiles that I broke up with a hammer at Home Depot and Talavera tiles I found online. I worked out my design on paper first. I had never done this before but I did my home work. I found out what kind of thin set and grout and kept a positive attitude. I knew I could do it.

    It only took a day. The backsplash took the rest of the long weekend because of the cutting. For the backsplash, we used 2″ square tumbled marble in sheets and occasionally inserted a talavera tile.

    finished_kitchenDon’t be afraid to try anything. If you’re unsure of yourself then do a test first. My husband had never used a tile saw before but he did a great job on the backsplash and we now are proud to show off our kitchen. The tile work is the first thing people mention when they see it. We turned a possible eyesore into a work of art.

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