Container GardeningWhether you have a large garden or a small one container gardening should be included in your planning. City dwellers have been container gardening for centuries. Indoors or outdoors you can grow beautiful arrangements that will make your proud.

When choosing your arrangement try to pick plants that require the same maintenance and light. If you travel frequently pick a container that is self-watering. Some soils also help with infrequent watering.

If your space is very small try choosing one type of plant and have a collection. A collection of African Violets in a kitchen window is very cheerful.

For your terrace you can go with larger containers of small trees or ferns. Grouping pots that are different heights make an interesting space. Also think of using old things that were not meant to be pots as containers. The possibilities are endless. Mix pot styles for a more eclectic look. You can create privacy using plants.