Week 8.

So the one thing I noticed so far is that over the last few weeks I have organized areas and then a few days later they look terrible again. I will admit that I still haven’t finished all the areas of the room and that is part of the problem. Until I have a place for everything and create a system to maintain it this will continue to happen. So if you’re having that problem then stay on top of it and continue to get each section organized. There will be a point when everything has a home and it will be easier to keep your office space clutter free.

Creating new habits
BUT…you will need to set up a system to keep it neat. Create new daily habits to maintain your space. Get a timer and for 15 minutes each day file away your papers and clear your desk. If everything in the room has a home then you shouldn’t need more than that. Once a week you will need to really clean the room, dust the shelves, wipe down the counters and desk areas, vacuum, etc. If you work all day in your home office then you are spending a lot of hours in this room. Your days will be happier if you are in a pleasant space.

Make a task list
In addition to your daily to-do’s create a task list that you will use daily for routine tasks, all the little things that will help you maintain your new home office. Check off each thing as you do them and keep track of the things you did. This will help you create the new habits. I’m doing this for the whole house. I broke it up into morning, afternoon and evening tasks. Morning tasks help keep the house orderly. The afternoon tasks are all home office related: filing and clearing off the desk. My evenings are mostly related to dinner and preparing for the following day.

Dress it up
Add some flowers and personal photos to make it your happy place. Bring in things from other parts of the house that you love. Artwork is a must. Choose something peaceful. Maybe with a positive quote. I have an inspiration board where I post things that either make me smile or remind me why I’m working so hard. I post goals, press clippings and family photos as well.

If you’re working at home then you have the discipline to do this and probably have time management skills as well. So you just need to learn new habits to keep your office space clutter free. I’m not completely finished but here is a photo of my improved, mostly organized office.

office space clutter free