closetStop! Don’t go and buy more STUFF so you can get organized. You probably have things that can do double-duty as containers, storage units, etc. Most likely the problem is not organization. You have TOO much STUFF.

Am I right? But where do you start?? Start with the smaller cluttered areas. Should some of the things be in another part of the house? When was the last time you used it? Purge, purge, purge.

shoeboxesAfter you purge need to sort your things and put them into zones. If it’s a room then divide the room into zones and put things away. But even if it’s just a closet or a drawer the zone concept still applies. I use small boxes in drawers to keep things in their place, or shoe boxes in the closet (but not for shoes). For shoes I use shelves, easy to put away, easy to find.

Use a labeler to make it easy to find things later. Ask yourself, will this be easy to put away each time I use it? If the answer is no then find another place. This is especially true of things you use frequently.

So analyze what you have before your start and see what can be repurposed to hold the beautiful things your decide to keep.