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Geelong, VIC, 3220, Australia
Geelong, VIC
Australia, 3220

    Peters Pest Control is the leading commercial and housing pest control provider for the Geelong area. We provide quick, friendly and courteous service at reasonable rates. Our name is built on our commitment to offering quality service to all of our clients. Insects like termites can cause harsh structural damage to your house and can infest wooden furniture within your home. We use the newest, and safest methods to remove any of your pest control concerns.
    Peters Pest Control in Geelong, for rapid, efficient, and dependable housing and commercial pest control services that do not break the bank. Count on our pest control experts to professionally keep pests out of your property and away from you, your family, and your clients. Our Geelong pest control professionals are dedicated to keeping the gruesome elements of entrepreneurship off your list of worries. Whether ants have opted to make your kitchen their house or spiders are building webs under your bed, Peters Pest Control can be of help. We are the specialists in Geelong pest control and provide a variety of options to meet your needs when it comes to removing these visitors.