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    Benson Bondstone creates homes that are more energy efficient, stronger, and more affordable in both the short and long term than traditional framing. We build with our revolutionary system, the PermaPanel, which is proven, powerful, and affordable.
    See, America was founded on freedom, innovation, and empowering the people. In the same vein, belief, and spirit, we developed the PermaPanel—because we believe in empowering people. The PermaPanel empowers the people to build their dream home—with all its beauty and functionality—but at prices that are actually affordable. The PermaPanel’s unique design boosts production time—dramatically. From foundation to roof, even a 7,000 square foot home can be erected in as little as a week, saving time, energy, and money. Just about any structure works with the PermaPanel, from homes to offices to hotels to apartment buildings. And here’s the best part, the PermaPanel saves money on both the front-end costs of building and the back-end costs of owning. It’s far less expensive to build with the PermaPanel, even less than your traditional stick frame—but the end product is unsurpassed.