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    Jun 2nd, 2015

    Bathroom Remodeling On A Budget

    No matter if you are looking for a new place to live and notice that bathroom should be improved a bit, or you are thinking about renovating your old one, you sure don’t have unlimited amount of time and money to spend. It is incredible just how different your bathroom could look if you only change a few smaller things. Some brainstorming, a lot of paint, and even more patience will get you far, and when you finish you will not be able to recognize the place. There is no need to put aside significant amounts of money when you can do it for less and even do it yourself.

    Bathroom Remodeling on a Budget


    Mirrors are great and essential in bathrooms – they make it look bigger and more open, plus they make it lighter. If you cannot afford those big mirrors with intricate frames, you could use simple hanging mirrors without frames and build your own frame around them. Use caulk gun to ‘glue’ your mirrors to the walls, and make sure you leave enough space for the crown molding and boards. Next, cut the boards and crown molding so that thy fit around the mirror and make sure you use either nails or Liquid Nails. When finished, simply paint it any colour you like and enjoy your customized mirrors.

    Change the walls

    Many people choose to paint their walls white in order to make the room look bigger, but it often ends up looking sterile and cold instead. My adding more shades and patterns to your bathroom, you will make it look more cheerful and warm. Add some orange, green, or blue stripes on the walls, thus you will not completely lose all white colour, but rather add some fullness. On the other hand, if you have tiles on the walls and don’t feel like taking them off (which is reasonable and understandable), you might try painting them over instead.


    Choose the tiles which go well with the wall colour, and think about whether you would like them to be ceramic, vinyl, or even marble. Marble does sound expensive, but if your bathroom is not too big, you could use marble tiles on your floor, and other king on the walls or for the shower. You could even combine different colours and pattern which you could arrange to get your own pattern, a perfect reflection of your own style.

    With a little help of caulk gun, power tools (I prefer Makita tools, but any other will do just as well), bubble level, and some patience, you can do anything.

    Vintage Bath Accessories


    Women love to do this in every room in the house, and while it may seem pointless, it is not the case. Simply by adding a few details in the bathroom will make it look completely different: more mirrors will open up the space, snazzy curtain hooks will spice the curtains up too, and adding a small, mirrored soap container made of metal instead of plastic will completely change the way that room looks. Don’t put back in everything you initially took out – choose only a few things which will not clutter up the space.

    There is no need to give an ‘extreme makeover’ to your bathroom even if you believe that is what it needs. Maybe buying a new tub or a new sink will make the place look different, changing the walls colour is much simpler and easier. Make a plan, go through it step by step, decide how much money you could put aside for this project, and make sure you get some help from your family and friends too. Good mood and cheerful people will make the entire plan seem easier, and you will be finished in no time.

    Smooth DecoratorJohn Stone is a DIY enthusiast who occasionally likes to put his ideas down to paper and share them with like-minded people. Currently works as the editor of SmoothDecorator. His fields of interest include home improvement, sustainability, new technologies, and pretty much all-things-DIY. In his spare time he enjoys playing guitar and watching Formula 1.

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    Mar 4th, 2015

    Is the Tiny House Movement for you?

    Anyone who’s ever lived in a New York City Studio apartment can say they’ve lived in a tiny house. I was one of them and I can tell you it’s doable. But once you’ve lived in a larger space it is really hard to downsize. But people are doing it. Why? Some people taking part of the tiny house movement are mortgage free and living off the grid with few bills to pay. If they have a tiny house on wheels, they pack up the house and take it on the road.

    I’m amazed at how nice some of these tiny houses are. Beautifully designed, compact tiny houses that take your breath away. I love watching the TV show called Tiny House Nation. It’s addicting. The tiny house ideas they come up with are ingenious, murphy beds, wine barrels for tubs, kitchen islands that house the family dog and the best storage ideas ever. I know from experience when you live in a small space you need smart storage.

    How to build a tiny house

    If you’re adventurous you can build your own tiny house. Tiny house plans can be found online for free or you can purchase plans. One of the best houses I’ve seen is at tinyhousebuild.com. You can purchase plans and a step-by-step DVD series to build the tiny house. Watch the video and let me know if you agree, it’s a great house.

    So I’m thinking after watching this video that I need to go minimal. It probably wont ever happen, but I love the idea of it. In this busy world we all live in we all have too much stress and too much stuff. We CAN take a lesson from tiny house living without going tiny. But I would consider it for a vacation home, absolutely.

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    Aug 6th, 2012

    Hot Trends for Right Now

    Here are just a few hot trends that I think are not going away anytime soon.

    1. Wallpaper is back. In a BIG way. I’m not talking about tiny flowers or your grandma’s wallpaper. Large bold patterned wallpaper is the look.

    2. Shades of orange are still hot this year. I’m seeing orange used as a pop of color or an accent wall. I love the shade of pumpkin and used it in my living room.

    3. The Collected Look is strong thanks to Nate Berkus. The baby boomers have been doing this for many years but he showed us how to do it in a more modern way. If your rooms look like something out of a catalog then it’s time to shake it up. Remove items that are too matchy matchy and go to a consignment store or flea market and introduce new/old things.

    4. If you want impact then this final trend is for you. Overscale items make a statement. A large light fixture, I love the super large drum shades especially if you have high ceilings. I’ve always loved large artwork maybe because I’m an artist. Here is one of my large colorful paintings in a neutral setting. That’s impact!

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    Feb 23rd, 2012

    A trend in home textiles

    Ikat fabrics have been around for centuries but is a current big trend in textiles for the home. Ikat is a near universal weaving style common to many world cultures. You can find Ikat textiles from Mexico, South & Central America, Thailand, India, Japan, Philippines, and Bali. Ikat floral patterns are traditionally used in Europe on Mallorca, Spain.

    There are a large variety of patterns ranging from subtle to very bold. I’m drawn to the more bold, colorful fabrics. These chairs were given new life with this bold Madeline Weinrib Ikat fabric.
    Ikat fabrics for the home

    The trend is so big I’ve seen designers mimic the look with paint on the walls. When done in a subtle pattern it look stunning.

    There are outdoor Ikat fabrics as well. Add some Ikat pillows to your outdoor furnishings and you will get a more finished looking outdoor “room” with a tropical feel.
    Outdoor ikat fabric

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    Jun 23rd, 2011

    The Coffee Table Bed

    Since leaving my parents home I’ve always lived in small spaces. It was sometimes a challenge but you learn to get creative with space. The most ingenious thing I’ve seen lately is the Coffee Table Bed by Julia West Home. It’s a good looking coffee table and quickly becomes a bed for one. Perfect for someone who doesn’t have a guest room.

    Julia West Home is located in Toronto and from what I can tell they don’t have an online shopping cart. They have other double duty furniture pieces on their site at JuliaWestHome.com. Check it out, dove-tail joints, I give this one a thumbs up.

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    Feb 10th, 2010

    Flor is an eco-friendly option for your floors.

    florYou’ve probably seen Flor Carpet tiles on one of the many interior design television shows. They are a great flooring solution if you have children, live in an apartment or your just looking for a product that is customizable and encourages your creativity. You can create a unique design of your own by mixing and matching tiles. They are easy to clean and for the stubborn stains just replace the tile. Quick to install, easy to clean and eco-friendly, what more could you want?

    Get samples or a catalog at http://www.flor.com

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    Feb 10th, 2010

    Finely Crafted Artisan Sinks for your beautiful home.

    Imported from India, Linkasink has a collection of the most beautiful sinks that are both authentic and rustic. The bronze bowls are available in antique bronze, satin nickel and pewter. They also produce Onyx and Mosaic sinks. Choose from drop-in, under mount and vessel sinks. And check out their drains in metal, shell, cloisonné and carved stone. You will find Linkasink at fine showrooms thoughout the United States and Canada. Contact them for a showroom near you. http://www.linkasink.com

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