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  • Rhino Shield of Michigan

    Telephone : (810) 360-6583
    Address :
    2150 Pless Dr # 7A
    Brighton, MI
    United States, 48114

    Have you ever gone to repaint your house and thought about how it seemed like you only painted it a few years ago? Most paint needs to be applied once every five years, so you’re not the only person who’s thought this. That’s where Rhino Shield of Michigan comes in. Utilizing advanced ceramic coating technology, Rhino Shield is a unique type of paint that will last at least 25 years. Our paint is designed to last far longer than regular paint as well as easily withstand extreme weather. Even with typical Michigan weather like excessive rain, heavy snow, and prolonged exposure to the sun, Rhino Shield will not only last 25 years, but look amazing after 25 years.