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  • Love of Lights

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    Laredo, Texas
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    Love of Lights is an exclusive blog providing information on interior and exterior lighting solutions.
    Love of Lights is clearly for lovers of illumination whether for interior or exterior spaces. Choosing light fixtures for homes or building can be a long yet fun task when people really get into it. A lot of planning and organizing takes place before choosing and purchasing the light fixtures. One such light fixture brand that deserves a mention is Sonneman Lighting. With the perfect blend of glam and function, one can expect these lights to transform an empty space to a haven. DVI Lighting is another such brand that rings bells amongst many. With their historic past and progressing present, it seems like this brand is here for good. The new face of radiance goes to LED bulbs as they have taken over all types of lights with their longevity and brightness. A special mention of Cree LED lighting is found in the blog having details about their legacy plus their series for large areas illumination. A lot of past trends are making a comeback in the lighting world, and one of them is the brass lighting fixture. Having a rustic look and a warm charm, it’s a good choice for both interior and exterior lighting. Readers will be excited to know that Besa Lighting is also written about in the blog. With its versatile collection and many effects, it sure can emit an ambiance that is both inviting and rich. For more information about interior and exterior lighting solutions visit http://loveoflights.net/ and http://loveoflights.net/category/exterior/ .