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  • Expand Furniture

    Telephone : (778) 580-7818
    Address :
    2050 Scotia St #108
    Vancouver, British Columbia

    Thank you for visiting Expand Furniture on Home Home Plan-it! We are a hidden/expanding furniture retailer for both the US and Canada. We have been providing homeowners since 2013 through our online resources. We also do private showrooms by appointment. Call us today to set up yours!

    Expand Furniture has provided homeowners and renters throughout the United States and Canada affordable space saving furniture, helping to maximize use of even the smallest space. We carry a variety of different space saving furniture including transforming tables and hidden beds.

    Every product on Expand Furniture is multifunctional and is designed to open up space in your home. Even our Wall beds which are already multifunctional have extra functions folding over sofas, desks, or even rotate and are all available for online purchase.

    From multifunctional smart wall beds to convertible tables and hidden beds, we have a wide variety of space expanding solutions. You can find space saving products in many stores, but we carry amazing or unique items that cost a fortune elsewhere, are hard to find and in many cases do not exist from other companies.

    At Expand Furniture, we build our multifunctional furniture using only high quality materials in each of our products, to ensure a long lasting piece of transforming, space saving furniture for our clients to enjoy.

    Expand Furniture
    Jared Joubert
    2050 Scotia St #108
    Vancouver, BC V5T 4T1
    Phone #: 778-580-7818

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