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  • Casoro Jewelry Safes

    Telephone : 8005380600
    Address :
    1415 East McFadden Ave. Ste L
    Santa Ana, California
    United States, 92705

    Casoro is a proprietary line of luxury jewelry safes by Maximum Security.s a family owned and operated business, we have a vested interest in providing you with the best in product and service, such that you are confident you made the right decision. We work hard to make the entire process easy and convenient – from initial design of the safe all the way through delivery and placement in your home.
    Yes, your home security system will deter many burglars, but not all. The jewelry safe is your last line of defense. There are many instances of an intruder gaining entrance to a home, even when a security system is on site. You could forget to arm the system before going out, the electronics could malfunction, or the burglar may be able to defeat your security system. There is also the chance that you may let an individual into your home under false pretenses. Sadly, many jewelry losses are the result of theft by a person known to you (cleaning service, maintenance workers, or “friends”). We’ve heard these stories too many times in our store. A security system will generally not prevent theft in these circumstances. Therefore, your jewelry safe is well worth the one time investment to protect your valuables.