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  • Fireplace & Patio Design

    http://www.homeplan-it.com/directory/fireplace-patio-design/ Fireplace & Patio Design is a leading retailer of fireplaces, grills, patio furniture and accessories....

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    Chimineas Inc

    http://www.homeplan-it.com/directory/chimineas-inc/ Chimineas Inc is the top online retailer of authentic clay and metal chimineas! Our products can be used for cooking, outdoor heating, burning aromatic wood, or simply as beautiful decor! See our great selection of beautiful chimineas for your home!

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    Dorking Stoves

    http://www.homeplan-it.com/directory/dorking-stoves/ The most comprehensive selection of stoves, fireplaces and accessories in the South. We are a family owned, family run business. 2008 brought up 30 Years’ of family ownership....

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    Wood Splitters Direct

    http://www.homeplan-it.com/directory/wood-splitters-direct/ We carry top brand name wood splitters and other forest firewood processing related products, we have excellent relationships with major manufacturers. Our wide selection and strong relationships allow us to bring you the best prices, period....

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    Fires and Stoves Chester

    http://www.homeplan-it.com/directory/fires-stoves-chester/ At Chester's Leading Fireplace & Heating Showroom, we have over 40 years experience in the supply and installation of Fireplaces and Heating Systems, using our own engineers who are fully Gas Safe and HETAS registered....

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    Smokey Mountain Fireplaces

    http://www.homeplan-it.com/directory/smokey-mountain-fireplaces/ Fireplaces, Stoves, Inserts and more! Napoleon Fireplaces & Stoves have provided satisfied customers with quality products and service since 1976. ...

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    Portadown Fireplaces

    http://www.homeplan-it.com/directory/portadown-fireplaces/ Portadown Fireplaces one of the largest suppliers and manufacturers of quality fireplaces and stoves in Ireland. We offer one of the most comprehensive ranges of electric fires, fireplace surrounds and stoves online....

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    PG Fireplaces

    http://www.homeplan-it.com/directory/pg-fireplaces/ With a rich view of experience in the solid fuel industry, PG Fireplaces & Stoves has been at the vanguard for 35 long years,...

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    Rotherham Fireplace Centre

    http://www.homeplan-it.com/directory/rotherham-fireplace-centre/ Rotherham Fireplace Centre have a fantastic range of indoor heating solutions, including electric fires and gas fires (with hole-in-the-wall options available), as well as wood burning stoves. With HETAS and Gas Safe accreditations, our fires are fitted expertly to high safety standards.

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    Four Seasons Fuel Ltd

    http://www.homeplan-it.com/directory/four-seasons-fuel-ltd/ Supplying fire logs and firewood logs including hardwood logs, softwood logs, seasoned logs, barbecue charcoal, bagged coal, bagged firewood and chimney cleaning logs. Also other fire accessories like cast iron stoves, fire alarms, fire lighters, chimey sweep, etc....

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